Our work

Case: Napoleon

Napoleon Sports & Casino was looking for a plan to activate their partnership with the Quickstep – Alpha Vinyl Cycling Team and had asked SAGAS to help. The goal was to help bring their “Always in for a thrill” slogan into cycling and create content in line with their brand positioning whilst improving the awareness of their partnership.

Together we transformed Napoleon Sports & Casino into the “Official Thrill Provider” of the Quickstep-Alpha Vinyl Cycling Team, as we went on a search to find the team’s biggest fans. Realizing a fan’s lifelong dream of driving a tractor alongside Yves Lampaert, a.k.a. Belgium’s favorite farmer’s son? The Official Thrill Provider has made it happen. This resulted in some great content..


As ING was launching its #FootballMadness campaign, SAGAS was asked to assist in defining a strategy for social media boosting of their campaign, in order to attract younger audiences and make them increasingly aware of their partnership with the Red Devils and Red Flames. This was a considerable challenge during COVID19, and adding social media in the mix was a crucial differentiator for the success of the campaign. Together we developed a series of challenges for both the Red Flames and Red Devils, whilst also adding influencers in the mix in order to increase the potential reach of the campaign.

With over 7 million impressions per challenge and two of our creations selected as the best TikTok campaign of the week, it’s safe to say the campaign was a major success for ING.

Case: Carrefour

With the Women’s 2022 Euro coming up, Carrefour wanted to activate its partnership with the RBFA, showing its support to the Red Flames. Together with them we created a campaign to show that Carrefour is the ideal unifier, bringing fans, partners and Red Flames together by creating an emotional bonding by telling a story about what sport has meant to the Red Flames in their lives.

We created 6 bracelets with these words (WIN, STRONG, GROW, FUN, UNITED, DARE) that could be acquired in all Carrefour stores by purchasing products from other RBFA partners (Cote D’Or, Coca-Cola & Jupiler). Both physical (in-store & event) activations and continuous content creation throughout the
campaign to boost the ‘hyping’ of the bracelets we created together. This campaign was nominated for the Best of Belgian Sponsorship awards in 2022.

CASE: Besix

As a proud partner of the Belgian Red Devils, BESIX had asked SAGAS to come up with a way to use this partnership for employer branding purposes. Just like so many companies in Belgium, BESIX was facing a challenge in winning the war on talent, and wanted SAGAS to come with a creative solution in which we use the Red Devils to attract new talent to come and join BESIX.

We came up with the fully online “Which Red Devil Are You?” campaign, including a dedicated website where fans of the Red Devils could fill out a questionnaire in which they
were able to find out which Red Devils they ressembled the most. Generating awareness and traffic was the primary focus at the start, with over 1.5 million impressions of our campaign. In the end, with employer branding as the true objective, we had almost 10,000 participants as
a source for future recruitment, thus helping BESIX considerably in its mission to recruit the best talent out there.